Fifth Constitutional Convention
2007-2012) Election Results

Candidates & Seats

  • 123 candidates for delegate
  • 25 signatures on a petition to be eligible to run
  • 30 seats in total
  • 13 from St. Croix District
  • 13 from St. Thomas/St. John district
  • 4 At-Large delegates

Each resident selected 17 delegates to the Convention — 13 from their own district and another four from the territory-at-large.

Delegate Election Results for Winners,
June 12, 2007

Name Seat Number of votes % of Registered Voters*
At-Large District      
Adelbert Bryan St. Croix at-large 4,841 9.1%
Gerard Luz James II St. Croix at-large 3,555 6.7%
Arturo Watlington Jr. St. Thomas / St. John at-large 4,065 7.7%
Craig Barshinger St. Thomas / St. John at-large 2,732 5.2%
St. Croix District    
Dr. Eugene Petersen St. Croix 2,856 11.2%
Michael Thurland St. Croix 2,323 9.1%
Claire Roker St. Croix 2,094 8.2%
Rena Brodhurst St. Croix 1,894 7.4%
Doug Capdeville St. Croix 1,822 7.1%
Arnold Golden St. Croix 1,794 7.0%
Richard Schrader Jr. St. Croix 1,775 7.0%
Gerard Emanuel St. Croix 1,588 6.2%
Mary Moorhead St. Croix 1,548 6.1%
Kendall Petersen St. Croix 1,504 5.9%
Violet Anne Golden St. Croix 1,498 5.9%
Robert Schuster St. Croix 1,479 5.8%
Douglas Brady St. Croix 1,457 5.7%
St. Thomas/St. John  
Myron Jackson St. Thomas 2,546 9.2%
Charles Turnbull St. Thomas 2,482 9.0%
Alecia Wells St. John 2,186 7.9%
Lawrence Sewer St. Thomas 2,096 7.6%
Lois Hassell-Habtes St. Thomas 2,082 7.6%
Clement Magras St. Thomas 2,015 7.3%
Elsie Thomas-Trotman St. John 1,890 6.9%
Stedmann Hodge Jr. St. Thomas 1,747 6.3%
Thomas Moore St. Thomas 1,695 6.2%
Francis Jackson St. Thomas 1,680 6.1%
Mario Francis St. Thomas 1,500 5.4%
Wilma Marsh Monsanto St. Thomas 1,499 5.4%
Lisa Williams St. Thomas 1,378 5.0%

* Registered voters as of Oct. 2006:

  • 25,487 registered voters on St. Croix
  • 25,535 registered voters on St. Thomas
  • 1,995 registered voters on St. John
  • 27,530 registered voters on St. Thomas/St. John
  • 53,017 total registered voters on the U.S. Virgin Islands

Delegate Profiles

Note: this list includes only a small fraction of the candidates. One reason is that the newspaper profiles may have been incomplete, as reported by one candidate: “I had a call today from a candidate to the constitutional convention. She said, “her bio” was not included in the Daily News Voter Guide published Thursday. I reluctantly told her that the same thing happened to me. I, too, am a candidate and my information was also not included in the voter’s guide. Neither of us received a form from the paper asking for this information.” See Kunkel, Robert, I Had a Call Today, St. John Source, June 8, 2007.

Source: St. John Source; Dates profiles ran: May 19-30; June 1-11, 2007

  1. Dorothy E. Bolling Seeks to Be a Convention Delegate
  2. Lorraine Moorehead Is Running for Convention Delegate
  3. Craig Barshinger Seeking At Large Seat at Convention
  4. Jay Wiltshire Wants to Represent You at the Convention
  5. Derek Gabriel Seeks to Be a Delegate to the Convention
  6. Abdul R. Liburd Is Running for Delegate to the Convention
  7. Aimery Caron Wants to Be a Delegate to the Convention
  8. Mark Hodge Seeks to be Convention Delegate
  9. Doug Brady Seeks to Be Convention Delegate
  10. Arnold M. Golden Hopes to Be a Delegate to the Convention, Arnold M. Golden Dies at Age 80, July 16, 2012.
  11. Aimery Caron Wants to Be a Delegate to the Convention
  12. Mark Hodge Seeks to be Convention Delegate
  13. Hector A. Squiabro Wants to Be a Delegate to the Convention
  14. Robert Kunkel Seeks to Be a Delegate to Convention
  15. Julia Lanclos Jn-Baptiste Wants to Participate In Constitutional Convention
  16. Dwane A. Callwood Wants to Go to the Constitutional Convention
  17. Bolt, Tom, St. Thomas Attorney Announces Candidacy for Constitutional Convention
  18. Carl Christopher Is Running for Delegate to the Constitutional Convention
  19. Brian McLernan is Running for a Seat at the Constitutional Convention.
  20. Lee Rohn is Seeking a Seat at the Constitutional Convention